Using the Divi Gallery Module to Create an Image Gallery with Custom Spacing – YouTube


adjust spacing in the row settings

make this row full width: YES

gall. mod no longer has this setting (i.e.—use fw module instead??)

(instead, try set w & max w to 100% for this trial—not yet done)

use custom gutter width: YES

set: 1 (no space between images)

module settings

add border (to control spacing between images)

set border color to transparent

add bg color to row settings, match between images border by addin spacing>padding in row settings

this is mobile friendly: set mobile settings as desired

alternate method: use CSS (also described in the above tutorial: …create a tiled gallery with custom padding; in addition, add custom padding in the gallery settings to adjust

2vw all sides; then go to row settings and adjust with custom padding

In the final version, add simple instructions on use; adjust device settings to optimize responsiveness;